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December 1st, 2008

The Mauritshuis (home of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, View of Delft and Diana and her Companions) has launched their own blog which is perhaps a first for such a prestigious collection. For the moment it can only be accessed from the Dutch website but is nonetheless it is written in English.

Presently, it not quite clear how the Mauritshuis counts on handling public interaction. There appears to be no way to leave comment from the blog’s platform and, in effect, the blog’s author(s) remains anonymous.

Since the Mauritshuis prizes public dialogue and has such excellent organizational capabilities, I imagine that their objectives will be more precisely defined in the near future.

Museums have been painfully slow to develop blogs and community sites which would seem a logical (and incredibly inexpensive) extension of their goal of public awareness.

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  1. ARech

    Only some details to this new blog:

    1. It is not a general museum’s blog but launched exclusively for the current ‘Dutch Cityscapes’-exhibition (s. a. my comment on ‘Why there are no art history blogs’).
    But I could imagine that such blogs will become one of the standard media offered for special exhibitions. Further blogs, perhaps to various subjects of the arts or museums’ policy – if of general interest – could possibly follow, then certainly the general homepage.

    2. This blog here is not only accessible from the Dutch website (there called ‘weblog’) but from the English version as well (as usual switching between ‘nederlands’ and ‘english’ is possible):

    3. I confess: writing a comment to this blog – even as a foreigner without knowledge of the Dutch language – is rather difficult. Only on the Dutch version is a special section (‘schrijf mee’ – ca. ‘write too’)
    with some explanation how and where to add a comment (in short: one has to write to a special e-mail – here:, no more than 350 words, until 31st December 2008; the Mauritshuis – as the ‘author’ of the blog – reserves the right to edit a command, to shorten it or not to publish it). It seems that they absolutely want to be on the safe side, which doesn’t make things easier to handle, and moreover, excludes foreigners to add to the blog. This cannot be in the interest of a museum with such high international reputation like the Mauritshuis. But I am quite optimistic that things will be improved the next time. At least I wrote to them to point to this problem.


  2. writers community

    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff

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