Update: the travelling Vermeer count

December 3rd, 2008

The Louvre will be sending about 70 artworks to Japan in 2009 for a special exhibition of 17th c. paintings, The Louvre Museum Exhibition: 17th Century European Masterpieces. The exhibition will be held at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and will include Vermeer’s dazzling little Lacemaker.

Not all are elated as the NTV who sponsors the event. Read Didier Rykner’s The Louvre without Vermeer at the Art Tribune.

The Lacemaker’s voyage adds a notch to the current “travelling-Vermeer count, 2008-2010” which now stands firm at 13 (two pictures make two trips each). This boils down to the fact that one third of Vermeer’s known artistic output will be travelling tens of thousands of miles within the span of a mere two years.

  1. The Astronomer – Atlanta 2008
  2. The Little Street – Tokyo 2008
  3. Diana and her Companions – Tokyo 2008
  4. Christ in the House of Martha and Mary – Tokyo 2008
  5. Young Woman Seated at the Virginals – Tokyo 2008
  6. Woman with her Maid – Tokyo 2008
  7. Girl with the Wineglass – Tokyo 2008
  8. Lady Writing – Pasadena 2008
  9. Woman with a Pearl Necklace – Rome 2008
  10. The Lacemaker – Tokyo and Kyoto 2009
  11. The Astronomer – Minneapolis 2010
  12. Christ in the House of Martha and Mary – The Hague 2010
  13. The Procuress – The Hague – 2010

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