Just Launched: The Complete Interactive, Online Vermeer Catalogue

June 18th, 2009

When I launched the Essential Vermeer website 10 years ago, I was startled by how little was to be found on Johannes Vermeer and by the less-than-lukewarm attitude of the art community towards internet technology. On the other hand, being among the first to get seriously into the field was like turning into new four-lane highway with no cars on it and anywhere to go.

The latest feature of the  the Essential Vermeer Interactive Online Catalogue of Johannes Vermeer. It has been years in the making but only in recent months have I found the impetus to finish the job up having come across JQuery, an amazingly fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML event handling and animating (admittedly, only my youngest son’s patience and tech savvy permitted me to take advantage of it, beyond fundamental HTM, Photoshop and CSS, I am lost).

So, instead of me going on about what an online catalogue of paintings can do and all the endless research I have poured into the project, it’s best to simply go to the main page, click to the painting you like most and begin exploring. I hope you will learn and enjoy.

BTW, it’s just up so you may encounter bugs and misspellings that will be ironed out gradually. Please, please let me know of any problems you spot. You will agree with me that any Vermeer catalogue deserves to be perfect. Any suggestions and criticism are gold.

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