Milkmaid video

September 26th, 2009

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  1. ARech

    Many thanks from those who are not able to visit this really extraordinary show.

    Special compliments to the didactic treatment (wall with all currently existing Vermeer-paintings; where else does one find such extensive explaining texts to each painting – reducing at least the disturbing audio-guides; period objects rendered in the Milkmaid – only a real footwarmer is missed although still available on Dutch Antique markets…) and the tasteful presentation (the walls’ warm yellow echoing Vermeer’s famous combination of lemon-yellow and yellow ocher). Only the lighting seems quite dark – not favorable for closer studying, but certainly enhancing the paintings’ magic.
    My sincerest congratulations to the responsible Director and his staff!


  2. Josef

    Paul, that is a really etinxcig and important question that you’re asking, and I believe the answer is a resounding yes. You can match colors in the scene exactly, note for note. There are devices on the market for matching color swatches to spots in the scene by means of a little hand-held viewer. These are usually used by still life painters. Matte painters also used to paint scene extension on glass outdoors that perfectly matched (from the camera’s POV) the colors and values of a scene. Of course this only works as long as there are not elements in the scene that go beyond the range of the pigments, like bright sun highlights, etc.

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