Art of Painting exhibition catalogue available online

February 1st, 2010

Although I have not yet had the chance to see it, the Kunsthistorisches Museum catalogue of the Art of Painting exhibition is currently on sale at the museum online shop. Below is the URL and a little more information.

Vermeer: Die Malkunst

exhibition catalog 2010, 259 pg., numerous illustr.,
paperback in German
+ 73 S. English Translations of the Essays
Order number: 24770
24,8 x 28cm

price: EUR 29,90

bookshop link: <>

The museum also proposes a number of Vermeer Art of Painting spinoffs like scarfs, shoulder bags, coffee cups, jigsaw puzzles and magnets as well as the more conventional postcards and reproductions.

4 Responses to “Art of Painting exhibition catalogue available online”

  1. George Campbell

    Hi, just back from Vienna last night. I went specifically to see the exhibition. It was very good and it is a beautiful city. It appears the detailed introductions to the catalogue are not translated so it would be good if your excellent site could make this available at some time. Best regards. George

  2. Jonathan Janson

    George, Thanks for the note. I am not sure I’ll be able to make it to Vienna before it closes (propbably not) but I will take your word for it. The single-work concept seems worthwhile, especially when everybody is cutting cost. Too bad about the translation. Jonathan

  3. Prof Dr Jaap J. Boon

    Dear Mr Janson,

    I have been the main researcher of the Art of Painting project that was exhibited in Vienna. We discovered a lot of new information on how Vermeer was working apart from why the damage is so bad. I hope you have seen the catalogue in the mean time. Otherwise I can some pdfs of some chapters. It is in German and English. Not all info that we obtained could be accommodated in the catalogue unfortunately. I am working on a comparison with the Allegory of Faith and am presently also working with the Rijksmuseum on the Lady in Blue. Hope you can add some of our art technical info to your nice website.

  4. ARech

    A technical description to the Art of Painting, which includes general information to the results of the latest art technical research to the painting’s fragile condition, based on the co-operative articles by Prof. Jaap Boon and Elke Oberthaler and by Robert Wald from the exhibition-catalogue, is to be found in the Complete Vermeer Interactive Catalogue under ‘Fact Sheets – technical description’, here:

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