Are art institutions getting through on the net?

March 7th, 2013

One has the growing sensation that, despite their efforts, which in most cases are visibly half-hearted, art institutions (even the moneyed ones) are still light years from creating an effective strategy that would allow them to establish meaningful two-way communication with their potential clients. Attempts to engage navigators via social media are generally limited to the display of”I like”buttons and appeals to”tweet”and”share.” Many Facebook commentators don’t take the bait and leave no more than a few words (“awesome,””gorgeous,””great show,”and”wonderful!!!”being the most common) and they all fall on deaf ears since no one on the other side dreams of taking the trouble to respond to any comments whatsoever.

Unless museums are willing to do some serious homework and get more professional, more creative and more passionate about the matter, I don’t see public interest in their art treasures picking up from that end.

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