Carousel viewer of Vermeer’s complete paintings

April 4th, 2013

I have just uploaded to Essential Vermeer a very simple JQuery carousel viewer of all of Vermeer’s paintings. To slide through painting by painting in chronological order,  just click on the “previous” or “next”  inks below the information box. Yes I know, it’s definitely not rocket science, but  it can be used to track down a painting by Vermeer  that you once saw but can’t indentify.

My real goal, however,  is to develop a viewer that would give the navigator various viewing options. For example, one might view the paintings in scale, in their frames, in the their present museum locations, by sibject matter  or even by significant details. One could also display all the faces of the women and men that appear in Vermeer’s interiors. Unfortunately, the tech needed to make a more complicated viewer is over my head for the moment. I enjoy suggestions and comments.

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