National Gallery, room 27

April 4th, 2013

The London National Gallery features virtual tours of 18 rooms in the museum. Room number 27 has Vermeer’s  Lady Seated at the Virginals. Use the zoom to get closer or move out for a panorama.

The  full screen version is particularly impressive. Click here.

2 Responses to “National Gallery, room 27”

  1. Adelheid Leib

    Although the sequence of masterworks by several of the most rewarded Dutch seventy century masters gives a fine overview about their inimitable art I would have preferred if the
    pendant of Vermeer’s Lady Seated at the Virginals, the Lady
    Standing at the Virginal, would have been set next to its ‘sister’ to enable the viewer to compare directly and not
    switching back and forth from one to the other room.
    Here the Vermeer looks a bit lost…

  2. Jonathan Janson

    Adelheid, I agree 100%. I believe that important Vermeer scholars (certainly Liedtke) hold the two were conceived as a pendant. So why on earth separate them?

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