Milking Vermeer

April 23rd, 2013

A solemn oath to cover all Vermeer-related news requires me to report that sixteen iconic artworks from the Rijksmuseum will adorn millions of gallons of milk, cream and yogurt produced by the Albert Heijn dairy company. Six of the company’s one-liter packs features a colored Empire Stamp: save four and get 5 euro discount on a ticket to the Rijksmuseum. The image above is a screenshot from an Albert Heijn promo video having fun with Vermeer. There is no way to imagine how Vermeer would have reacted if he saw his Milkmaid reproduced on a milk carton, but there’s no doubt Jan Steen would have had a great big laugh.

3 Responses to “Milking Vermeer”

  1. Thomas

    No kidding. Great commentary.
    Thanks for all the work you do for the Vermeer site. It’s an excellent resource.

  2. Jonathan Janson

    Thomas, thanks for the compliment. Vermeer’s art has given me such life-long satisfactions that the EV is actually a small way to compensate.

  3. Michael White

    When I was coming back from a Vermeer-viewing trip in London a few years ago, I was served a nice lunch on the Swiss Air flight to the States. It ended with a chocolate mousse from Nestle, bearing an image of The Milkmaid on the carton. “La Laitiere,” I believe, was the branding. I kept the foil lid and still have it in a drawer somewhere.

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