Taco Dibbits’ words of wisdom

June 3rd, 2013

Of all the digital image policies of the world’s great art collections, the Rijksmuseum‘s clearly make most sense.

“We’re a public institution, and so the art and objects we have are, in a way, everyone’s property…” “‘With the Internet, it’s so difficult to control your copyright or use of images that we decided we’d rather people use a very good high-resolution image of the Milkmaid from the Rijksmuseum rather than using a very bad reproduction…”

Taco Dibbits (director of collections at the Rijksmuseum)

Read this NYT article for more information.


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  1. liz read

    I dropped in (literally) whilst on a google for floral paintings by the flemish/dutch…and of course your site the rainbow’s pot of gold – WOW! Not just that but so deeply informative and nothing sets my mind spinning more than being able to delve deeper. Am in midst of prepping a new presentation (don’t shudder) for senior’s residences – which has become a really excellent excuse for an unending voyage of discovery. Milles mercis for being there. Now should the next topic be enigmatic paintings, The Open Door? I so love a mystery. liz-montreal

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