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Two Hi-Res images of Vermeer Paintings

September 1st, 2013

For hi-res buffs who need a fix and scholars who need more than something than the same old printed images to go on, two new hi-res images of Vermeer paintings are now available on the net. The Guitar Player, which also can be viewed with the IIPMooViewer at the National Gallery website, is now entirely downloadable at Wikipedia. Click here. The images is a whopping 3,691 × 4,226 pixels. Examine the bizarre calligraphic touches of the gilt frame and the sound hole of the guitar: Vermeer at his best, at least for a painter like myself. For the curious, along the upper edge of the painting there are two fingerprints: whose?

The second hi-res image, A Lady Writing a letter with her Maid, is tucked away on the National Gallery of Ireland website and, unfortunately, cannot be downloaded like The Guitar Player. Click here to view it 750 x 350 pixels at a time at with the ubiquitous  Zoomify interface.