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Toying around with a masterpiece

April 16th, 2015

The toy manufacturer Playmobil has partnered with the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and “translated” Vermeer’s Milkmaid into what they call a “historical toy.” Jos Doosjen, commercial director of Playmobil Benelux, states, “the opportunity to playfully introduce children to cultural heritage as The Milkmaid was “grabbed with both hands.” “We hope that we can continue to excite their imagination and so increase their knowledge about art.”

Pieter Roelofs, curator of seventeenth-century Dutch Painting at the Rijksmuseum, on the partnership: “If we want to make the Rijksmuseum collection as accessible as possible, not only in the museum but also beyond. Hopefully we bring in this way a new generation of children playfully touch our collection and get them then all the original really admire. And so art is child’s play.”

If you are not a child but are still interested in the picture, click here.

Milking Vermeer

April 23rd, 2013

A solemn oath to cover all Vermeer-related news requires me to report that sixteen iconic artworks from the Rijksmuseum will adorn millions of gallons of milk, cream and yogurt produced by the Albert Heijn dairy company. Six of the company’s one-liter packs features a colored Empire Stamp: save four and get 5 euro discount on a ticket to the Rijksmuseum. The image above is a screenshot from an Albert Heijn promo video having fun with Vermeer. There is no way to imagine how Vermeer would have reacted if he saw his Milkmaid reproduced on a milk carton, but there’s no doubt Jan Steen would have had a great big laugh.

Vermeer spinoff

March 12th, 2013

I am not a fanatic about most Vermeer elaborations but I must admit, Devorah Sperber put more brains and time into her endeavor than most. She retooled Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring using 5,024 spools of colored thread arranged in seemingly abstract patterns that suddenly pull into focus when viewed through a circular device resembling a crystal ball (After Vermeer 2). See it here.

Merchandising Vermeer

March 6th, 2013

Although I understand that many museums are strapped for cash, I still wonder if certain forms of Vermeer merchandising lowers the bar and could do more bad than good.

Jori Finkel (“The Culture Monster” – Los Angeles Times) reports that on the occasion of the Girl with a Pearl Earring showing at the De Young, the museum”reports strong sales for “Girl” branded gift-store merchandise, which “includes the usual postcards and tote bags but also pendant necklaces and a compact mirror. At least one item, ‘intense dark’ Ghirardelli chocolate bars wrapped with the ‘Girl’s’ image, have already sold out and been reordered.”


April 20th, 2010

Costume designer Pauline Loven of Wag Screen who made the short advert said: “We wanted to use easily recognisable paintings that we could reproduce and once we decided to use the Girl with a Pearl Earring we thought Samuel Pepys was the most interesting because if anyone would have been a fan of Twitter like Stephen Fry is it would have been Pepys.”